In 1991, when Estonia was standing on the threshold of major changes and new opportunities. Kati was walking around the streets of the capital trying to figure out a more exciting challenge than simply sewing blouses and skirts. Reaching Tallinn Service House and the city’s largest hat salon a rather dull and uninspiring sight awaited for her. The decision to start making hats was instantly born!

Unfortunately Kati didn’t know anything about millinery so the first hats saw the daylight only two years later – under the watchful eye and guidance of Ege Pääsuke then the leading milliner of Tallinn Fashion House. Since Kati has now independently learned and developed so much we can safely say- she knows hats.

Due to making everything by hand, no two hats are totally identical. And there’s no person to whom a hat doesen’t fit! With a little bit of willingness to search for the one that is yours. You’ll find the one that makes you feel good. Besides contemporary fashion is much more liberal than it was years ago – you can wear whatever you like as long as you love it! Fashion always has it’s seasonal favourites, but the classics are here to stay.

So we hope our hats bring you as much joy as to us, give a little color to the daily life and make your important moments lovely and memorable!

“The problem with today´s world. Too few people wear hats.”